Copy-paste with ⌘-c and ⌘-v in ubuntu running in virtualbox (on an OSX host)

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Development, Django, OSX, Ubuntu
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I have a somewhat esoteric setup on my laptop. I use OSX as my primary operating system, and run one or more Ubuntu virtual machines in Virtualbox for development work, effectively using a VM as a project IDE (I use vim for editing, Firefox to interact with the current ‘build’, running a Django local server on the current code base). When I am done for the day, I suspend the VM, so that the next time I want to work my ‘IDE’ is in exactly the same state I left it in, and it is up and running faster than any other IDE I have ever used.

But I have this issue with copying and pasting. Gnome / Linux never really figured out how to merge the windows introduced GUI concept of ctrl-c / ctrl-v for clipboard manipulation with the ‘ctrl-c means stop’ world of the terminal. The current Gnome solution is ctrl-shift-c / ctrl-shift-v, which is a lot of fingers for a common use-case. Apple created a lovely solution by side-stepping it a little; on OSX ⌘-c means copy, and ⌘-v means paste. So I want that sugar on everything.

Virtualbox complicates this endeavor because they have the concept of a “Host” key, defaulted to left-⌘. The Host key helps you escape from the virtual machine by explicitly toggling modes (it is like caps-lock for where your keyboard input should go; to the host OSX, or the guest, Ubuntu). Easily fixed! Go to Virtualbox preferences (shortcut ⌘,), choose ‘input’ and set the Host key to another key (I chose right-⌘), and uncheck ‘Auto capture keyboard’:

Set the Host key to something else, disable 'Auto capture keyboard'

Virtualbox input preferences

This has a side benefit of making the left ⌘ behave more sensibly, I can now ⌘-tab between virtualbox and other applications, where the action used to be tap ⌘, ⌘-tab to switch input to the host, and then switch applications.

After hours of googling, the best I can do is change gnome-terminal’s preferences for copy/pasting. Unfortunately, short of recompiling GTK, or using very crufty macro replay solutions, I can’t find a way to change the global ctrl-c / ctrl-v shortcuts (fielding suggestions now). At least getting rid of one copy-paste set of shortcuts is a win, and my most common use-case is satisfied (copying from OSX and pasting in a terminal in Ubuntu). To change gnome-terminal, choose Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts…

Choose Edit -> Keyboard Preferences...

In gnome-terminal choose Edit -> Keyboard Preferences...

Finally, set your edit keys to “Super+c” and “Super+v” (click the existing shortcut, and hit the new keyboard combo):

Set your copy and paste shortcuts to "Super+c" and "Super+v"

Set your copy and paste shortcuts to "Super+c" and "Super+v" in gnome-terminal keyboard shortcuts

All done. Maybe a long post on something so random, but, after using this setup for almost 2 years, my heart did a little jump for joy at this triviality. Looking for suggestions how I can change / alias the global copy paste shortcuts in gnome though…


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